Weight Loss Services Offered


Weight loss by a click!

Our state medical provider will provide a consultation online, discuss the best weight loss treatment plan for you and prescribe a weight loss medication as medically necessary.


MD-Approved Weight Loss Solutions

Our state medical provider will only prescribe FDA approved medications for weight loss. Our program includes access to services that help patients achieve their weight loss and overall health goals, safely. After a consultation, our MD will order any necessary evaluations and lab tests to determine the best treatment route for your needs.

How It Works
Step 1

Book a visit with us online to discuss weight loss.

During your first visit, our state medical provider will review your medical history and health goals. Prescriptions are provided at the state medical provider’s discretion. If medication is prescribed, it will be sent to your pharmacy of choice. Medication is self-administered.

Step 2

Report to the physician regarding your weight loss goals.

Email the state medical provider from your smartphone or computer. Often, lab work is required, and the state medical provider will send an order to your preferred lab. Once your results are available, your state medical provider will review them and discuss treatment options.

Step 3

Follow up with our state medical provider to discuss a prescription for weight loss, if you qualify.

After a consultation, our physician can order the necessary lab work and tests to the lab nearest you. Once evaluations are completed and your state medical provider determines which medication is right for you, prescriptions are sent to your nearest pharmacy for pick up. Many times, insurance covers the cost of medication, sometimes they do not cover the medication and you will have to pay out of pocket. Make sure to check the good rx coupon app! Weight loss medication is not necessary for everyone. Your visit with our Physician, will be used to determine the optimal weight management plan for your specific needs, and this plan may or may not include medication. Weight loss medication has proven to be an effective component in losing and keeping off weight, but it should be complemented by appropriate dietary choices and exercise. Our state medical provider will work with you to determine if medication is right for you, and they will set realistic expectations based on your personal habits and lifestyle.


Why Choose CCHCS Weight Loss Program?

Research-Backed Weight Loss Plans.
Our weight loss programs are grounded in rigorous research, ensuring that your journey is guided by evidence-based practices for effective and sustainable weight management.
Personalized Nutrition Guidance.
Tailoring our approach to your unique needs, we provide personalized nutrition guidance that aligns with your preferences, lifestyle, and health objectives.
Comprehensive Health Assessments.
Prioritizing your well-being, our program includes thorough health assessments. Our experienced providers conduct in-depth evaluations to determine the most suitable and safe weight loss strategies for your unique health profile.
Ongoing Support and Accountability.
Beyond the initial stages, we're committed to your success. Our program emphasizes continuous support and accountability, providing you with the tools, resources, and encouragement needed to stay on track and achieve your weight loss goals.
Integrated Mental and Emotional Wellness.
Recognizing the interconnectedness of mental and physical health, our weight loss program incorporates strategies to support your mental and emotional well-being. We address the root causes of weight-related challenges, fostering a holistic approach to your overall health.
Flexible Lifestyle Integration.
We acknowledge the importance of seamlessly integrating healthy habits into your lifestyle. Our weight loss program offers flexibility, empowering you to make sustainable choices that fit into your daily routines, ensuring long-term success in maintaining a healthy weight.

Remote Wellness,
Real Peace of Mind

We understand the comfort of being at home and peace of mind, that is why we offer our services for you virtually. However, depending on your condition, we may have to recommend an in-person visit with a specialist.